Having fun can be exhausting work!!

The following information will assist making your Maritime Festival experience that much more enjoyable.

INformation BOOTH

The terrific Seaport Museum volunteers are waiting to answer all your questions and make your day even more special. Visit our centrally located booth on Front Street in Mitchell Park.

Hospitality Tent

Road weary? Looking to just sit and people watch? There are tables and chairs under shady tents located in Mitchell Park and on Central Avenue.


If and when nature calls you will find facilities in Mitchell Park adjacent to the Marina Office, at the foot of First Avenue, by the Shelter Island Ferry terminal, and on Main Street and Bay Avenue.

Doggy Rest ARea

If your four footed furry friend insists on tagging along, a number of local merchants and vendors have put out water stations for your pets.  We have provided a rest area in Mitchell Park between the boardwalk and the US Post Office parking lot.

First Aid

We hope you won’t need it, but just in case, a First Responders Unit is stationed on the corner of Front Street and First Avenue.

Food & REfreshments

The streets of Greenport Village are lined with wonderful restaurants and bistros. Additionally, this weekend we have provided an East End Food Court, located on north Main Street and Central Avenue. Here you can find local libations and choice, unique vendor foods. 


For Police assistance, a mobile unit can be found at  Shelter Island Ferry terminal and East End Seaport Museum.

East End Seaport Museum

This is what it’s all about, folks. The real deal. Visit the Museum, see our nautical history, view our 750 gallon salt water tank, become a member and sign up for a lighthouse boat ride and tour!