Festival Closing

The East End Maritime Festival unfortunately doesn’t have much of a closing act, but we don’t go quietly into the night. Join us in the Amphitheater behind the Greenport Carousel and get your raffle ticket stubs ready. The fireworks begin with the naming of this year’s Oyster Shucking Contest winner, we move on to the Seaport Museum’s 50/50 raffle drawing and an appreciative look at a few of the marching Merfolk. As in year’s past, the grand finale is the picking of the Dream Green winner. Cross your fingers, and wish on the evening star. Maybe your name will be drawn.

Children's Story Time

Burton’s Bookstore will be enthralling children ages 3 – 7 years by reading aloud charming age-appropriate books. The first selection is “Three Bears in a Boat” followed by a pirate –themed book. The readings will take approximately 20 minutes and the selected books will be available for purchase.

Scott Raulsome, Burton’s owner, will be holding a prize raffle for attendees (spoiler alert: the prize will be a pirate chest filled with goodies and books). Bring the kids, and don’t forget the camera!!

Ice and Classic Boat Exhibit

Mitchell Park and two docks in the Marina will be filled with beautiful hand-crafted wooden boats. A display of vintage and modern iceboats will complete the scene for an eye-catching dose of “maritime”.

Exhibitors demonstrate that our boatbuilding heritage still thrives on the East End. Boats in the park will range from immaculate antique Chris-Craft runabouts, elegant Gil Smith sailboats, sailing dinghies, to simple rowboats and kayaks. East End boat builders and restoration experts will show off their expertise and traditional skills. Enthusiasts and community boat shops will reveal their passion for handcrafted boats. The Orient Ice Yacht Club and the Great South Bay Scooter Club will describe how we go sailing all winter – on “hard water”!

Down at the dock, festival-goers can walk a waterside promenade in Mitchell Park Marina to view large wooden boats in the water. At 62 feet, the 1937 Picket Patrol yacht Zaida will represent Greenport’s major WWII anti-submarine efforts. East End Charters ketch Surprise will show visitors how to sail in comfort. Greenport’s Wooden Boatworks and Anders Langendal and Sons will display their expertise in building, restoring, and maintaining fine yachts.

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Nautical Demonstrations at the Seaport Museum

The East End Seaport proudly presents a new nautical demonstration area located directly on the waterfront behind the Museum. Here you will find crafts and techniques, maritime artifacts, seaworthy science projects and experts to guide you through the details.

All day Saturday, visit with Brett Curlew, and experience the mysteries under our water.

All day Sunday, Chris James will fascinate you with his hand tied fishing lures. Joining him at 11:30am and 4:00pm will be Kaylee La Spisa demonstrating floatation and metallurgy, “Why Boats Float and the Basics of Diesel Engines”. From 12:30 – 3:00 pm, Vince Mauceri, of the Power Squadron, will take you on a twisted journey of nautical knot tying. Come down and try your hand.

Brett Curlew - Marine Researcher

Coming to us from Brookhaven National Laboratory and Nassau BOCES, Brett Curlew and his team have organized a display worth a trip to the Seaport Museum. Enter this exciting undersea world being presented for your enjoyment and education during the Maritime Festival.

  • Look into dive history and the equipment that was used, then and now, to explore the oceans. 
  • Visit local shipwrecks and their history through collected artifacts. 
  • See the mysteries that the artifacts uncover. 
  • Observe local marine life and their habitats.

Brett Curlew will be appearing at the Maritime Festival on Saturday September 26th at the Nautical Demonstration Area at the East End Seaport Museum. 

Header image courtesy of Matthew Fauver

Meet the Producers

Tony Bettler, Producer…"Pat Mundus, Grand Marshal"

"My interest in photography goes back to my teenage years in Switzerland.

Later, living and working in New York City, I took courses at the School of Visual Arts and learned the craft of video and sound recording as well as non-linear editing. I produced a number of short movies for private use.

In early 2004, a few years after I retired from my career in the financial industry, a childhood friend and biology professor asked me to document his expeditions into the Amazon. That same year I joined a group of European scientists led by him into the Bolivian Amazon Basin to document their field work. Over the past 10 years I have accompanied them six times for trips of one month. The movies are shown primarily during lectures.

Recently my wife, Marla Milne, and I have been producing movies about events in the Greenport community and of our worldwide travels. Some have been shown at the Floyd Memorial Library in Greenport. Our movies are produced under the name 'View2XL'. A few can be viewed on www.view2xl.com. Most of the production has been educational and noncommercial. "

-Tony Bettler


Marla Milne, Producer…"Pat Mundus, Grand Marshal"

When not working side by side with her husband, Tony, Marla creates wonderful images in watercolor and oils. Her work can be seen at the Fiedler Upstairs Gallery, 209 Main Street, Greenport and viewed on her website www.northforkpaintings.com.

Call for Maritime Festival Volunteers!

The 26th annual Maritime Festival, presented by the East End Seaport Museum & Marine Foundation, will take place the weekend of September 26th and 27th. The Seaport Museum is a non-profit organization that provides free children’s classes, adult lectures, a host of other programs, and stewards the maritime history of our community. Volunteer support by their friends and neighbors is essential to help make this fundraising effort successful.

There will be a meeting for all interested prospective volunteers on Tuesday, August 25th, 5:30pm at the Little Schoolhouse on Front Street, Greenport. 

For further information, please call the Museum at 631 477-2100 or email Arlene Klein at vicechairman@eastendseaport.org.

Captain Patricia Mundus, Grand Marshal

Captain Patricia Mundus, Grand Marshal

When choosing the Maritime Festival’s Grand Marshal, a number of criteria come into play. We wanted someone who calls Greenport and the East End their home. We wanted someone who has given back to the community and honors its nautical history. We wanted someone who makes that history into a reality for our contemporary way of life. We wanted someone who enjoys teaching by example and sharing their knowledge with a younger generation. We wanted a person who is emblematic of the East End, its distinctive personality, its charm and its strength. And of course, we wanted someone who is just plain nice to be around.

Pirates! Pirates! Pirates!

Photo courtesy of Ye Pyrate Brotherhood

Photo courtesy of Ye Pyrate Brotherhood

When asked how the East End Seaport Museum’s Maritime Festival could be improved, the resounding cry was there that were no pirates to be seen or heard throughout the Village. There are arguments for and against the marauding troops. Most believe in the romance and fantasy of an age when Blue Beard and Captain Kidd roamed the Caribbean and even skirted their way up north to Gardiner’s Island where they may or may not have buried treasure. 

But all in the name of fun, we have invited Ye Pyrate Brotherhood to entertain, mesmerize and fire up the imaginations of you, our Festival attendees. So blimey, me bucko, have ye a grand ole time. An dona be fergitten to roar out AARRGH!