Meet the Producers

Tony Bettler, Producer…"Pat Mundus, Grand Marshal"

"My interest in photography goes back to my teenage years in Switzerland.

Later, living and working in New York City, I took courses at the School of Visual Arts and learned the craft of video and sound recording as well as non-linear editing. I produced a number of short movies for private use.

In early 2004, a few years after I retired from my career in the financial industry, a childhood friend and biology professor asked me to document his expeditions into the Amazon. That same year I joined a group of European scientists led by him into the Bolivian Amazon Basin to document their field work. Over the past 10 years I have accompanied them six times for trips of one month. The movies are shown primarily during lectures.

Recently my wife, Marla Milne, and I have been producing movies about events in the Greenport community and of our worldwide travels. Some have been shown at the Floyd Memorial Library in Greenport. Our movies are produced under the name 'View2XL'. A few can be viewed on Most of the production has been educational and noncommercial. "

-Tony Bettler


Marla Milne, Producer…"Pat Mundus, Grand Marshal"

When not working side by side with her husband, Tony, Marla creates wonderful images in watercolor and oils. Her work can be seen at the Fiedler Upstairs Gallery, 209 Main Street, Greenport and viewed on her website