Buzz Scott, ROV Pilot

Buzz is a native to Matinicus Island, Maine and has been involved in projects ranging from the re-introduction of puffins to Maine with Steve Kress back in the 80s and more recently flying Remotely Operated Vehicles (unmanned submersibles) for Bob Ballard in the Gulf of Mexico (including that cool sperm whale encounter a few years ago). Other things that have kept him busy over the years, he was a heavy machinery operator and worked as an engineering aid in the Navy. He worked for the United States Antarctic Program on-board the research vessel - light class ice breaker "Nathaniel B. Palmer" as a marine technician and marine projects coordinator. From Antarctica Buzz relocated to California where he worked as a mechanical technician and remotely operated unmanned submersible pilot for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Currently he is working as founder and president for OceansWide, a non-profit educational program that uses remotely operated submersibles to explore the deep ocean